Press Release – ISO Rating Improves From 10 to 4

The Town of Huachuca City and the Whetstone Fire District recently participated in a Public Protection Classification (PPC) survey conducted by the Insurance Services Office (ISO). The survey provides data for ISO to analyze and measure the effectiveness of fire suppression in a community. This measurement, commonly referred to as an “ISO rating” is derived by evaluating three main areas for effectiveness: emergency communications, fire department, and water supply.

ISO completed its analysis on June 29th, 2020. The evaluation resulted in the improvement of the ISO rating for the Town from 10, which is the worst possible, to a 4. The best possible rating is a 1. This is excellent news for our residents and business owners as many insurance companies base their rates on a community’s ISO rating. Better rating, means lower rates. The new rating will be effective October 1, 2020.

Public Works Supervisor Jim Halterman, credits Bob Fenimore for ensuring that the Town had an adequate water supply available to support fire suppression efforts. “He helped design the layout and location of fire hydrants throughout the town.”

“Raising the score by six points is truly a tremendous achievement. I am extremely pleased with the services provided by the men and women of Whetstone Fire and the abilities of our Public Works staff to maintain the supply line. The new ISO rating really is the result of the great relationship between the Town and the Whetstone Fire District” – Mayor Wallace