Voting & Elections

Voting & Elections

Election Results

Results of elections are available online through the Cochise County Elections Department.

Register to Vote

Click here to register to vote online or pick up a voter registration card at Town Hall, Department of Motor Vehicles.
Click here to visit the Cochise County Recorder’s Office webpage, or call (520) 432-8354.
Click here for the Arizona Secretary of State elections information.

Campaign for Office

Candidates are required to file several documents with the Clerk’s office, i.e., Finance Reports, Statement of Organization, and a Candidate Termination if they cease their campaign.

If you are interested in running for Council, call Janine Rustine, Town Clerk, at (520) 456-1354 to make arrangements to pick up an election packet.  Or, you can view and print the forms in the packet here.  Candidate checklist and handbook can be found at the same link.

This year candidates running for any county, city, town, and precinct committeeman office in Arizona may collect 100% of their required nomination petition signatures through the E-Qual system. E-Qual enables eligible voters to electronically sign these petitions.  Candidates can create and manage their online nomination petitions through the Arizona Online Petition Portal.

For more information on the election process and filing deadlines see the Cochise County Elections Home Page or the Secretary of State’s Election Page:

Disclaimer: 1. Town Staff cannot give legal advice about your campaign. 2. Forms are subject to change without notice. 3. Candidate is responsible for submitting and timely filing of the correct forms in order to run for a Town Office. 4. All forms and other documents including emails are public record. This information may be posted on the Town website. 5. The Town Clerk’s Office’s primary means of communication is via email and candidate must provide an email address to ensure prompt awareness of correspondence.

Initiative, Referendum, and Recall Information.

Proponents of an initiative, referendum, or recall effort must apply with the Town Clerk’s Office for an official petition serial number.

Upcoming Elections

November 3rd, 2020.  There are four council seats open.  If interested in running for one of those seats, please see the campaign information above.

Voting in Cochise County

Learn more about voting in Cochise County and find vote center locations. Every voter needs to provide proof of identity when voting at the polls. Bring one form of ID with your name, address, and photo, or two forms of ID that bear your name and address, or any combination of the above.

In Arizona, candidates are required to obtain a minimum number of petition signatures to appear on a ballot.  Registered voters can now sign petitions electronically through the State E-Qual system.