Press Release – Trash Regulations Changing Effective August 12th, 2018

Effective August 12th, the Huachuca City trash/refuse ordinances will be amended. Some of the highlights are summarized below. For more information see the attached press release or check out the ordinances directly at

Highlights: Residents will be required to bag all trash placed in town-provided trash cans/receptacles. Loose trash is not allowed. In addition, in order to be picked up, the trash can lid must be fully closed with no protruding trash. Trash left outside the can will not be picked up for disposal; such trash is the responsibility of the tenant or homeowner. Trash cans must be placed so they can be lifted safely by the trash truck without touching any other object. Trash cans that cannot be safely lifted will not be emptied. The only authorized location for dumping and depositing of trash, garbage or refuse within the town is the Huachuca City Landfill. Use of any other site within town limits is unlawful dumping.

Garbage Ordinances Press Release corr.