Maintaining Your Property

Citizens of Huachuca City:

As the monsoon season starts to wind down, we now fight the inevitable battle of cutting the grass and carrying for our properties.  If you own the property or are renting the property or are in physical control of the property, it’s your responsibility.  You may have noticed that police officers are now issuing written warnings which can turn into a citation for failing to comply with our Town Code:

8.20.030  –  (Owner to Maintain Premises)

Please take a look at your property and decide if it does not meet the Town Code, then FIX IT, please.  Remember that, as a property owner and/or tenant, you are responsible for the front and back of your property, to include the half of the alley directly behind your residence. Help be a good neighbor for positive change in our Town.

This is a friendly reminder for all citizens to do their part in caring for our Town.  If a reminder by the police department is necessary, you will see us. 

Join us in the continued revitalization of the Town of Huachuca City!

Thank you!//signed//Chief James L. Thies
Huachuca City Police Department (HCPD)
500 N. Gonzalez Blvd, Huachuca City, AZ  85616
Dispatch:   520-456-1353