Chiricahua Community Health Center will conduct a a COVID-19 testing blitz in Huachuca City in the Senior Center/Library parking lot on Thu, Jun 4 from 7-9 am. Please pre-register on Monday, June 1 and Tuesday, June 2 by calling 515-8648.

• Testing is open to everyone
• There is no age restriction – all ages are welcome to receive the test.
• Testing is done while people remain in their cars. Testing can also be done for people who want to walk-through the line. Those walking through should wear a mask.
• This is not the antibody test. It is a test for an active infection. But, you DO NOT have to be symptomatic to have the test.
• People who are tested will be called within a week with their results – positive or negative.
• If people do not pre-register, they can still be tested. The process will take slightly longer.
• The swab used is not the long swab. It is a shorter swab which means that the test causes little discomfort for most people.