Town of Huachuca City Library WiFI Access Policy

Town of Huachuca City, Public Library, Public Wi-Fi Access Policy

  • I understand that this WiFi access is granted free of charge and without warranty by the Town of Huachuca City (Town) and Cochise County (County).
  • I will not circumvent the filtering of the wireless library signal.
  • I understand that Library staff cannot provide technical assistance and will not perform troubleshooting on personal laptops, PDAs, or other devices.
  • I understand that there is no guarantee that I will be able to connect to the wireless system.
  • I will comply with all state and federal laws and the Town and County Public Library policies and procedures.
  • I release the Town and County and their employees, volunteers and officers from any liability associated with my viewing of, use of, or exposure to any information, machine-readable file, picture, graphical representation, or illustration that I may encounter while using a laptop computer or other WiFi device, whether or not such information appears or is delivered through the station I operate.
  • I will not violate any state or federal laws, including those regarding child pornography or delivery of harmful materials to minors.
  • I will not harm or harass any Town or County employee, volunteer or member of the public.
  • I understand that the Library is not responsible for damage to, or loss of, laptops or other hardware, personal information, electronic documents, diskettes, and/or files.
  • I understand that my failure to comply with Library policies and procedures will result in Library penalties that range from suspension of Internet privileges – through suspension of all Library privileges.
  • I understand that the Town and County reserve the right to change their WiFi access policies and procedures at any time.
  • I understand that individual Library staff members are not authorized to modify or waive these policies.