Press Releases

No Thru-Traffic Behind Town Hall

No thru-traffic behind Town Hall: In the best interest of public safety, there will be no unauthorized driving or parking in the parking lot behind town hall. The parking lot is not open for thru traffic. The parking spaces will be utilized by town staff and authorized personnel only. Other vehicles are subject to being towed and issued a citation. In the upcoming weeks, signs will be posted to that[ Read More …]

Press Release – Trash Regulations Changing Effective August 12th, 2018

Effective August 12th, the Huachuca City trash/refuse ordinances will be amended. Some of the highlights are summarized below. For more information see the attached press release or check out the ordinances directly at Highlights: Residents will be required to bag all trash placed in town-provided trash cans/receptacles. Loose trash is not allowed. In addition, in order to be picked up, the trash can lid must be fully closed with[ Read More …]

Press Release – Change to Water Billing Procedures

In an effort to reduce costs, the Town will no longer mail out ten-day delinquent notices for overdue water bills. Customers will still be assessed a ten-day late fee of 10% on the 10th day of the month. Customers with bills that are not paid by the 25th of the month will receive a five-day disconnect notice via a door hanger at their residence. During the five days citizens may[ Read More …]