Press Releases

Sales Tax Increase & Use Tax

Many people are aware of the financial struggles of Huachuca City, and the current efforts by Town Council and Town staff to remedy this situation. Staff, thru Council action, has reduced the Town deficit 65% thru spending cuts, sales, surplus equipment, and proper spending practices since January 2018. However, even with these positive changes the Town must continue to increase its revenue. Huachuca City has for years, had the lowest[ Read More …]

No Thru-Traffic Behind Town Hall

No thru-traffic behind Town Hall: In the best interest of public safety, there will be no unauthorized driving or parking in the parking lot behind town hall. The parking lot is not open for thru traffic. The parking spaces will be utilized by town staff and authorized personnel only. Other vehicles are subject to being towed and issued a citation. In the upcoming weeks, signs will be posted to that[ Read More …]